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Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt

  • Temperature Minimum: -10°F
  • Available in palettes of 50 lb.bags
  • Color: Orange
  • Pet Friendly
  • Fast acting & long lasting
  • Requires less
  • Easier on the environment
  • Easier on concrete, brick and wood


Proprietary Formula

Mr. Magic Ice Melter is a proprietary formulation deigned for fast-acting and long lasting results.

Fast Working

Mr. Magic will melt more snow and ice than most other products. It works faster and down to -10°F, a temperature at which most other products have stopped working.

Colored for Application Visibility

Mr. Magic is formulated to be seen when used. Most “white” ice melt products disappear into the snow and ice. Users tend to over-apply, or worse, under-apply because they can’t see where it lands.

Less is More

Mr. Magic provides positive proof that an ice melter is in use. Because Mr. Magic melts more effectively than other products, a smaller quantity is needed to remove snow and ice.

Download the Mr. Magic Sell Sheet
Download the Mr. Magic SDS

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