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Safer Than Salt® Ice Melt with CI-56™

  • Temperature Minimum: -25°F
  • Available in palettes of 50 lb.bags
  • Color: Green


Safer than Salt® Premium Ice Melter with CI-56™

Safer than Salt® is a proprietary formulation with CI-56™. CI-56™ is a corrosion inhibitor. Tests have proven that this product will melt more than twice as much snow and ice as other leading brands. It works faster and at temperatures when many other products have stopped working.

Safer than Salt® with CI-56™, a Corrosion Inhibitor, is formulated to be seen when used.

Because Safer than Salt® with CI-56™ melts more effectively than other products, a smaller quantity is needed to remove snow and ice, minimizing the environmental impact.

Download the Safer Than Salt® Ice Melt with CI-56™ Sell Sheet
Download the Safer Than Salt® Ice Melt with CI-56™ SDS

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